Inspire Community Development

Human well-being involves many facets: physical, mental and spiritual health, social inclusion, safety, suitable housing, access to services, education, and civic engagement. First Nations health and social outcomes are substantially lower than other Canadians, by any measure of human well-being. Proactive community development bridges this gap inspiring leadership and implementing model programs inspired by global best practices in human development.iStock_000012152789_Large

We collaborate with First Nations to implement plans and programs for their community developed by their community. We consult with the membership to develop Community Development Plans and assist with implementation, which engages members, informs Council, and focuses the administration. All built to close the inequality gap that exists between human well-being for Aboriginal and non aboriginal peoples in Canada.

Community Development Plans can include:

  • Capacity Development Plans
  • Comprehensive Community Plans
  • Employment Strategies
  • Training Strategies
  • Leadership Development Strategies
  • Census and Data Management