Negotiate Self-Determination

Self-determination means that your First Nation, and its members, have opportunities and can make choices. It means implementing a leadership vision and an associated plaiStock_000021851748_Largen for the future guided by the hopes and dreams of the First Nation’s members, as well as practical steps on the ground to increase economic opportunities and the overall well-being of people and their communities.
First Nations require capacity to liaise with various government agencies, industry and related joint venture partners, as well as other First Nations, to provide economic opportunities and to lay a foundation for self-determination. 

Capacity First Nations Consulting works with First Nations to define the First Nation’s interests, and then to actively build and deliver negotiation strategies. All to create the fiscal foundation for self-governance. 

This includes:

  • Government-to-Government Negotiations
  • Industry Negotiations
  • Intergovernmental Negotiations
  • Title & Rights Implementation