Establish Economic Independence

Indigenous economies have been actively trading for thousands of years. Doing business is an integral part a many First Nation’s culture, and expressing that fully within the globalized economy is a foundation for better health and social outcomes for a First Nation.

Totem Pole Detail Duncan, BC, CanadaWe work closely with First Nations to engage their members to get a detailed understanding of all of the communities interests, and work with Council, designated economic development administration, and business partners to establish goals, strategies and measures of success to advance a First Nation’s economic participation.

Economic Development Planning – It is important to have an overall strategic plan regarding the First Nation’s economic development goals. Planning is essential to success for all economic development activities and the long-term self-sufficiency of the First Nation, and the optimization of employment and business opportunities for its members.

Economic Development Corporation Structures – Having the legal and accounting structures of a First Nation’s economic development entity and business ventures is important to maximize efficiencies, minimize waste, minimize tax, and ensure sustainability. We work with Council, EcDev administration, and business partners to develop optimal legal and accounting business structures.

Joint Venture Negotiations and Management – Negotiating partnerships between the Band and business partners is a crucial component to developing economic independence.We identify potential business partners, negotiate partnership agreements, work with administration to maintain relationships and maximize returns to the First Nation.

Business Development – The development of First Nation-owned businesses is fundamental to establishing economic independence. We assist in identifying and scoping opportunities, advise on structures and processes, and support ongoing ventures to succeed.