Develop Governance Capacity

Effective leadership is the key to success for any First Nation. Putting in place the components of good governance builds social license for leaders to make positive change in their communities and nations.

We work with you to develop governance capacity through a number of technical processes, leveraging the strengths within your First Nation, and supporting the growth of future leaders.


Strategic Planning – A good strategic plan provides focus and discipline, creates consensus, and measures success. We facilitate strategic planning sessions for Chief and Council and senior staff, draft strategic plans, conduct community consultation, train staff, and develop reporting frameworks.

Leadership Coaching – Good leaders surround themselves with good people. We coach and support Chiefs, Councils and senior Band management, providing leadership seminars, on-the-job coaching, and decision-making support. 

Bylaw Development – We draft and implement bylaws that support independence, including identifying bylaw opportunities, drafting bylaws, conducting community consultation, implementing bylaws, and supporting ongoing enforcement.

Policy Development – Coherent and comprehensive policies support good governance. We identify policy gaps and shortfalls, draft policies, implement policies, train staff, and support ongoing review and improvement.

Business Planning – First Nation administration-level planning needs to occur to ensure the effective implementation of the strategic plan into the community. We work with staff to develop business plans for the First Nation and its various departments linked directly to strategic plans.

Budgeting – Scarce resources need to be managed to ensure success. We work with Council and administration to develop and implement multi-year budgets based on strategic and business plans.

Organizational Reviews – The deployment of human resources and operational capacity is essential to the success of strategic and administrative plans. We assess band administration’s ability to deliver on strategic plan, make recommendations for change, work with senior managers to align operations with strategic and business plans.