About Us

Removing barriers. Growing capacity.

CFNC is the culmination of decades of experience helping First Nations assert self-determination.

Haida Gwaii Project - 02Capacity First Nations Consulting combines the applied international development perspectives of Lee White and the practical experience of James Delorme, along with the inspired ideas of their associates, to help First Nations move from impoverished dependence to functional self-determination. 

With a vision that all First Nations have the capacity to succeed, CFNC helps First Nations remove real and perceived barriers and grow their capacity. We implement technical governance processes that honour tradition and are functional in the contemporary world, while simultaneously facilitating leadership and community development strategies to grow the internal capacity of a First Nation.

CFNC also has relationships with an array of professionals with significant experience working with First Nations.  This includes First Nation-specific expertise in areas such as project planning, community consultation, financial operations, human resources, and land use planning.